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Pinetown, 3610
PO Box 10376, Ashwood
Pinetown, 3605
Tel: 031 702 1972 / 92
Fax: 086 568 1515
e-Mail: moduflow@telkomsa.net


The MOD-U-FLOW Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger offers a wide range of benefits over conventional equipment with particular emphasis on:

Ease of Maintenance: The tube bundle is held together with elastomeric seals which eliminate tube sheet welding and allows for complete dismantling for inspection, cleaning and individual tube replacement.

High Thermal Efficiency: Due to an optimum shell side velocity profile based on a baffle assembly which promotes uni-directional fluid flow with a reduced fouling effect.

Fail Safe Operation: A double seal arrangement eliminates cross contamination of primary and secondary fluids.

Upgrade of Capacity: The modular concept allows for the addition, reduction and/or re-arrangement of modules to satisfy future production variations and/or plant modifications.

Construction Code: Where applicable MOD-U-FLOW will comply with ASME VIII Division 1.

Quality: MOD-U-FLOW cc has a Quality Control system modeled along ISO9002. Independent third party inspection is available. The client and/or his appointed representative has access to ensure compliance with customer requirements.

Service Centre: Production facilities are utilised to optimise the unique nature of the equipment supplied and we offer a workshop facility specialising in the service and repair of all modular shell and tube heat exchangers. On-site service and repair is available and we would always discuss the best option to minimise production downtime. Our stock holdings allows for quick turn-round times.

Applications: ELUTION (GOLD RECOVERY)HEAT EXCHANGERS INCL. HEATERS & ECONOMISERS. Water coolers & heaters, calorifiers, oil coolers, intercoolers & aftercoolers, diesel engine jacket water coolers, process coolers & heaters, closed circuit cooling systems, acid heaters & coolers.

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